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Helping Patients To Help Themselves


Northern Ontario Cannabis Education & Resources is a Non Profit Organisation dedicated to Education & Equal Rights to access for Cannabis as a medicine, as well as non medicinal adult consumption. 

Expanding Services

We strive to expand resources & services regularly. 
Currently we offer a Patient resource library, extensive files section with reliable information for research, patient consultation services, information on getting prescribed & how to start the conversation with your Doctor, Dr Referral service, current documents & information on filing for your right to grow under the New Cannabis Act with the Canadian Government & more.

Event Hosting & Sponsorship

We are happy to host many events ourselves here in Northern Ontario, but we also support others in our community with sponsorship. We are available to help promote local events, as well as attend for speaking engagements, education, & vending spaces.

About Me! 

Kim Cooper is the founder of NOCER, and has a long history in the Cannabis movement. Her first experience advocating for Cannabis was in 1978 on Yonge St. in Toronto, getting signatures for a petition for a marijuana initiative. 
Kim is a mother of 3 kids and a grandmother of 2.  At a young age Kim was diagnosed with epilepsy and was put on several medications. Several years later, as a young teenager, she tried cannabis recreationally and noticed her seizures were reduced. She made the decision to stop taking her prescribed medication and committed to consuming cannabis daily instead.
Kim became a cannabis patient advocate when she had a car accident and injured her back among other things in 2001. Released from hospital on 16 pills per day, life was never the same. After many years of that, Kim now uses Cannabis almost exclusively, no longer ingesting the harmful Pharmaceuticals she once took. 
Kim was diagnosed later in life with breast cancer, and she uses cannabis oil capsules as her treatment. 
Even though she is now located in a small town in Northern Ontario, she has and remains very vocal in her community. She loves to share the daily cannabis news and presently operates several Social Media sites as well as this Web Page.  
"My only objective is to educate those around me, Patient & Physician alike, and to empower patients with the knowledge to treat themselves naturally & advocate for themselves with those consulting on treatment plans.
Be Well Naturally" ~Kim Cooper

Our Mission

At NOCER, it is our aim to work with like minded community members to build a strong Cannabis community & industry in Northern Ontario.
We wish any business in the Northern Ontario total success, we need more business, especially Cannabis related ventures! We encourage all Cannabis related business ventures & entrepreneurs much success, and we are here to help with your project. We would Love to see vapour lounge's, Dispensary's, facilities for Summer Camping/Winter Sports recreational facility’s, Educational Centre's & Clinics spring up throughout the Province, and most especially here in the North! All these types of spaces are a much needed support system for those living in the North as well as those passing through this region or on vacation. These are registered Businesses, provide Tax Dollars to the Local Towns & City’s, cooperate with community BIA’s, and support our local community as a whole. It is “High Time” that Northern Ontario embrace this new asset for our community & residents. There are many Patients here that would benefit from these venues. Lets build a Strong Community in Northern Ontario! With Safe, Qualified, & Reasonable Access TOGETHER! 

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