Don't Be A Jackass Say "No Sir" To Propaganda


We Now Have Branded Merchandise Available!

T Shirts Available 

White Shirts, All Sizes

We have added White T Shirts with our Logo!
Now available for purchase! 
Get Yours TODAY! & Support The North! 
Add $5 for shipping 
Send us a note in our contact us form or see us on Facebook to order. 

Shatterizer Vape Pen

Accessories & parts also available

Perfect clouds every pull with this pocket vape pen
$70.00-Glass Dome
$80.00 -Metal Dome 
$20.00 -Dual quartz replacement coils 5 pack
$35.00 Ceramic replacement heads 5 pack
$8.00 branded coil caps caps 5 pack 
$5.00 Lanyards

KGL The Men Of Cannabis

A new picture each month for 2021 

Presented by Kelly's Green Lounge in southern Ontario, The Men Of Cannabis is not just a time piece, but a piece of art!
This 12 month calendar will present you with a new image each month, featuring one of these everyday men of cannabis.
A delight for the eyes when keeping track of your daily schedule. Available in limited quantities while supplies last at NOCER $24.20
Shipping available -add $5.00

Coffee Mugs


Start off your wake & bake with a cuppa Joe in this branded NOCER mug
Available while supplies last $25
Add $8 for shipping 

Nectar Collector

18mm Green

Green glass nectar collector with 18mm titanium tip. Comes with glass bowl in a gift box $45.00
Add $15 for shipping 

Branded Ball Cap


White cotton blend ball cap with NOCER logo and "Milestoned Member" printed on the front $25.00
Add $5 for shipping

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